debut (6-9yo)

Summer Camp

Inspiring Confidence, Creativity, and Sense of Community.

Ready to shine? Discover your Talent?

Young children are naturally full of energy and ready to express themselves, yet they sometimes face hurdles like shyness, difficulty focusing, or uncertainty in social situations. Our program is specifically designed to be a fun, lively way to channel their energy, build confidence, sharpen focus, and make new friends while being introduced to acting, singing, and dancing on stage.

Does Your Child Need Help With:

Acting, Singing, and Dancing
Displaying Confidence
Increasing Focus
Building Social Skills

Inspiring young Stars to Step into the Spotlight with Confidence

Our youngest students receive the perfect introduction to a fun, pressure-free environment with arts educators who care about children as creative individuals and develop them to be performers. The Debut experience is complete with performances on a professional stage—all without the demands of long evening classes.

Your Child Will Grow with every Class

What Our Families Say

The Secret?
Our Process

Our focus is on building skills through play and feeling empowered by contributing ideas to grow as a performer and confident individual.

Fun & Relaxed

Supportive learning environment, where students explore and develop their talents at their own pace, fostering a lifelong love for the arts through positive experiences and encouraging guidance.

Educational Games

Engaging group activities designed for fun and learning, where students play, socialize, and grow together. Activities emphasize teamwork and friendship while teaching musical theater basics.

Creative Ownership

Active participation in the creative process builds confidence, deepens connection to performances, and fosters a community valuing every voice and contribution.

More Than Just Performances

We prioritize the process, emphasizing the value of weekly classes where students grow thanks to our coaching and triple threat curriculum.


Establishing a solid foundation in projection, stage presence, scene work, and performance etiquette.


Vocal training covers breath control, pitch accuracy, emotional expression, and healthy singing habits.


Focuses on fundamental stage movement and dance technique like rhythm, precision, and choreography memorization.

DEBUT (6-9yo)


/ month

Tuesdays, 6-7pm (1/30 - 4/21)

High School Hit Parade

Step into the spotlight with “High School Hit Parade,” a musical theater class where the halls of high school meet the dazzle of Broadway! In this lively class, young performers dive into the catchy, heart-pumping world of high school-themed musicals like ‘High School Musical’, ‘Grease’, ‘Bring It On’, and ‘Mean Girls’. 

Each class is an exciting mix of singing, acting, and dancing, as students prepare to perform a musical revue that’s all about the drama, friendships, and fun of high school – on stage! Debut performances are the pre-show for our BRAVO cast’s performances.

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